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Squadron 85 Members Area > Logistics

‚ÄčWelcome to Squadron 85's Logistics Web Page


Click on the Lists and you will see our Inventory.  Use the online request form to submit your request (Please note that some items have a price).  If you do not see an item there then ask.  It just might be we have not inventoried that item yet.  These lists are updated weekly so check back often.  Disclaimer, there is no guaranty on the accuracy of these lists but it does give you an idea that we might have it.

When requesting uniforms please look at the sizing charts in the Libraries section.  For BDU's you can print the chart and use it as a request form.

If you have the financial ability to get your uniform items (other then those items that have a price) then please use that first.  We are trying to save the inventory for those who need help.  Also, please bring back your unused uniform items.  Other cadets will be able to use them.  If you were issued a Blues uniform from the USAF (Cadet Uniform Program) it is a requirement that we collect it when you are not using it anymore.


Rick kaita, Maj.                                                 

Logistics and Supplies Officer