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 Frequently asked questions

What is the Aerospace Team?

The Aerospace Team is a new venture for Squadron 85. The purpose of the team is to offer more depth to Aerospace topics. This will not be enough to pass the FAA written but will help prepare you for a full term ground school and flight instruction. This team will also be a training ground for the next Leaders for Aerospace. ​

What are the areas of focus?

There are many areas of Aerospace and with this new venture, we will be focused on general aviation. As the team develops, additional areas. However, the the team must be able to sustain knowledge in existing topics before additional topics are added.

How will general aviation topics be taught?

This is where we have exicting opportunities to give cadets in depth knowlege of general aviation. We will utilize a "basic ground school" concept and enhance learning by flying missions in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Thanks to a grant from CAP, Squadron 85 received a Flight Simulator STEM kit. The kit included a copy of the Flight Simulator software, a book to assist us in using Flight simulator as a training aid, and a yoke and rudder pedals to add to the realisim.


We will use a combination of traditional ground school lecture, ground instruction breifings of the mission, and then fly the mission. With flight simulator, we can analyze the mission and identify what went well and aeras for improvement.  Questions from the actual FAA Private Pilot written exam will be introduced. The teams goals are not to provide flight instruction or an actual ground school and preparation to take the exam. Ground School and passing the written exam are hard. Participation in this team will benefit you when you decide it is time for the real thing.

Learning will also be enhanced by organizing field trips. Possible trip locations will be museums (McClellan, Travis AFB, Castle Air museum), air traffic control centers, and possibly other locations.

What is the cost?

It's hard to identify a specific cost. The meetings and ground school are expected to cost nothing but your attendance and good standing in CAP. Having said that there may small expenses. Field trips may require money for gas to get to the event and admission. Flying does cost money. The intent of this program is to encourage interest in aviation and help cadets save money to pursue flight activities outside of the squadron.

The team may explore methods of fund raising to offset costs for field trips and future equipment purchases to enhance the program.

When and where will the team meet?

The team will meet on the second weekend of the month. This will typically be on a Saturday. The location may be at the Placerville OR Cameron Park airports. The team will decide if adjustments to the day or location are required. 

Since progressing in aviation requires a lot of time, a second meeting the third Saturday is tentatively planned.

When we aren't meeting, the cadets should be studying on their own.

What is expected from the participants?

Aviation requires participants to give back. Senior members with aviation are giving back to the community by offering this program. The cadets will be expected to give back in one or more of the following forms:
  • ​Present topics at the Thursday meeting
  • Set up powered O-rides
  • Set up non-powered O-rides
  • Mentor cadets to take and pass the wing runner exam.
  • Set up Squadron trips to 


 Team Meetings

Meeting # Meeting Date Ground School topic Flight school CAP training
1 11-Jan Lesson 1 Chap 1 and 2 (flt school and process and basic takefoff turns & landing) ​O-ride scheduling (use sim scheduling as example)
2 18-Jan Lesson 2 Ch 3 ground reference maneuvers
3 8-Feb Lesson 5 Ch 4 airport ops 
4 15-Feb Lesson 3 Ch 5 navigation
5 8-Mar Lesson 8 ch 7 perf takeoffs
6 15-Mar Lesson 1 repeat Ch 8 slow flight, stall, spin
7 Mar 29? Lesson 10 ch 9 c172 and ch 10 radio navigation
8 12-Apr Lesson 6 & 7 ch 13 weather
9 10-May Lesson 9 ch 14 max perf
10 24-May Lesson 4
11 14-Jun
12 28-Jun