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Announcements: Cadet Officer’s Basic Course (COBC) 26 Dec 2017 – 02 Jan 2018

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Cadet Officer’s Basic Course (COBC) 26 Dec 2017 – 02 Jan 2018


Ladies and Gentlemen --

    California Wing Cadet Programs is proud to offer Cadet Officer's Basic Course this year to be held 26 Dec 17 - 2 Jan 18 at Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area in Dublin, CA.  This course is approved as a Region Cadet Leadership School, which is a prerequisite to receive the Ira C. Eaker Award.

    Recommended prerequisites for COBC are:

- Receipt of the Billy Mitchell Award

- 15 years of age or older

- Minimum scholastic achievement of "C" in school (2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale)

- Graduate of NCOS (for CAWG cadets only)

    The Commander has the authority to waive any of the above criteria, but priority will go to students who meet the specifications above.

    Cost for COBC this year is $180 for the week.

    If you're interested in a challenging (and possibly life-changing) experience, COBC is the course for you.  The registration site will open soon, and the application period will be short.  Additionally, seats are limited this year.  The deadline for applications will be 25 Nov.

    Please consider applying for this prestigious and rewarding course.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Lt Col George K. Ishikata, CAP

California Wing Director of Cadet Programs

U.S. Air Force Auxiliary




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12/31 Cadet Officer’s Basic Course (COBC) 26 Dec 2017 – 02 Jan 2018


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